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The policeman, two police civilian workers and a member of staff at the Hull-based Viking FM were questioned and released on bail.Listeners had to identify four celebrity voices from recordings of them each saying: "Viking FM".Aan het einde van het pad ligt jouw stad, kasteel, of tuintje.Er komen allerlei monsters en soldaten over het pad heen gelopen die jouw eigendom kapot willen maken!"What kind of bizarre person thinks 'oh what I will do is I will pretend to be somebody else on a profile and try to get a date with people' because that person is never going to turn up, so where are they going to take it? "You don't know if it is a random person who does this daily to lots of different people or if it somebody who has a vendetta against you." More news: Watch moving moment brave Hull girl Ruby Lawler is serenaded by Bruno Mars flash mob singers But she says she will not let it rule her life or affect her work."It has happened now that many times that I think well they are clearly not going to stop it and it is them they have got the problem.Lille Torungen Lighthouse is located on a small island 3.2 miles (5.2 kilometers) south of Arendal.

Other contact claims, typically based on circumstantial and ambiguous interpretations of archaeological finds, cultural comparisons, comments in historical documents, and narrative accounts, have been dismissed as fringe science or pseudoarcheology.

Staying at Torungen Lighthouses gives you an unique opportunity to experience the stunning coast overlooking the open sea at the entrance of Arendal. You can book a stay at both Store and Lille Torungen Lighthouses See Aust-Agder Tourist Association online. You can try viewing the page via Chrome browser and using the translate function.

Or, you can email them at: [email protected] boat trip can be arranged.

The lighthouse is coastal, and was created in 1844 along with Lille Torungen and Sandvikodden Lighthouse.

Store and Lille ( ‘big’ and ‘little’) Torungen were built as a twin lighthouse, and therefore Arendal is called .

Bouw allerlei torens langs het pad die deze monstertjes en soldaten bevriezen of wegschieten.

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