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We provide data and automation solutions for companies aiming to validate electronic payment details for the UK and Ireland.Our software can perform specific mathematical checks for each bank branch to verify if an account number has been correctly entered.Sort Codes are a unique number assigned to branches of banks and financial institutions in the United Kingdom and Ireland.United Kingdom's sort codes and bank accounts system provides a number of internal checksum validation methods which are used to verify if a bank account number is correctly composed.New query nodes are also available to allow for reporting on validation status.If you do not think that this article covers the information which you require, please return to the complete list of available User Guides.API - Application Programming Interface A set of program components which perform certain tasks and can be used by other programs. ARUCS See Bacs Notifications ARUDD See Bacs Notifications AUDDIS See Bacs Notifications AWACS See Bacs Notifications ^ back to top BAB Bacs approved bureau - a commercial bureau awarded approved status by Bacs Bacs An organisation and a system for transferring money to and from UK bank accounts.

As Bank Check is a web service it means that you can embed the sortcode lookup and the modulus check directly into your website or other data collection application.Agency bank Any bank participating in the Bacs / Direct Debiting Scheme who is not a sponsor.Amalgamation of payments Multiple or combined payments relating to more than one contract collected under a single Direct Debit Instruction (DDI) APACS APACS is now known as the UK Payments Administration. Other programmers can then build applications which use the features of V-Series such as Web Applications.Account validation software ensures you have valid account numbers and sort codes at the point of data entry.If you need to collect a sort code and a bank account number, validating the data early will save you time and money in the long run.A second layer of validation is performed by searching for the existence of sort codes in the extremely detailed Sort Codes Directory issued by BACS.

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