Updating modules


If computers are combined into groups and the optimal updating procedure is different for various groups, you can create a customized update task for each group.Please keep in mind that if both parent and child groups have tasks of the same type, the computers of the child group will run both tasks.

The Quick Start wizard creates this type of task: «Update – Windows Workstations».A dynamic list of shift staff members is available everywhere staff is added in FH, so the Staff Scheduling module helps speed data entry throughout FH.Staff Scheduling is flexible enough to support exchanges when one staff member covers for another staff member in a different shift, but powerful enough to review which shift will cover a specific date years into the future.It can be set to allow email notification to both parties after the form submission and redirect to a specified page or download a specified file.There are 13 common-used controls in the module, easy for the user to input relevant date.Each staff member added to a shift can also include default information to associate with staff activities added from scheduling.

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