Romo dating jerry jones daughter

We’re several weeks into the new NFL year, but Tony Romo’s future in the league remains very much uncertain.

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But Jones received special dispensation from the NFL to attend, just as the Green Bay Packers recently were informed that they will, in fact, receive their Super Bowl rings in a June 16 ceremony no matter what the labor situation is at that time.

"Tony picked out every song, and when it plays, and what the keynote things are," Fiscus said.

Sounds like a very orderly occasion, but there was one wild card — whether Cowboys owner Jerry Jones would be able to attend.

It appears team owner Jerry Jones simply is holding out for a trade partner, but considering Romo’s age and injury history, it’s hard to imagine there is much of a market for the signal caller.

Although Jones has been relatively mum on his plan for Romo, he did reveal a deadline as to when a decision would be made by.

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