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The oldest found member of the family to date is Basilius or Basyli, or in Ukrainian, Wasyli, (1794 - 1831), who according to the Archive in Lubaczów, married on the 2nd. The Main State Archives in Warsaw actually gave the ages of the bride and groom - Basilius 27 years, Agata Majer, 21 years.After long negotiations with the Ukrainian State Archives, the date of his death was established, and even a photocopy of the death certificate was received - he died in Hospital in Stanislawów on the 18th.The novel begins with a description of the families living in and around the district of Rossyeni, the oldest and most powerful of which are the Billeviches.Aleksandra Billevich, daughter of the chief hunter of Upita, has been orphaned and left in the care of the noble families.

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She played the 2008 Dawson City Music Festival in the Yukon.Anna I'm an entertaining and funny Russian girl, but I know when I have to be serious.I respect people, I'm caring and loving, I am against violence, and I'm a faithful person. Tommy I heard about quickly transfer money system and i give you my full information.My full name is Solovyeva Ekaterina My full address is Nagornay 46-1, Samara, Russia Tommy please if you can do it tomorrow, before week-end.August 1831, his son Jan, aged 4 died the day before, and another son Karol aged 8, two days after his father, all three of cholera. In addition, Karol Majer (8 months old) died on the 29th. There is an interesting footnote here, as the surname is the same as Basilius' wife's maiden name, and his address was given as House no. There appears to be no trace of Basilius' Birth Certificate, only the Marriage Certificate.

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