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Aleu, after taking refuge in a cave, meets a field mouse called Muru, who lets Aleu realise that being part-wolf isn't so bad.

He teaches her that everyone has a spirit guide as soon as they are born, and their heritage tells them what they are but not who they are.

When they all reach eight weeks old, all of the other pups are adopted to new homes, but no one wants Aleu due to her wild animal looks. A year later, after she is almost killed by a hunter, Balto tells Aleu the truth about her wolf heritage.

In anger and sadness, she runs away, hoping to find her place in the world. At the same time, Balto has been struggling with strange dreams of a raven and a pack of wolves, and he cannot understand their meaning.

But in 2002 the idea that someone like West could be a successful rapper was faintly absurd.

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She is distanced from Greta’s uncertainty about her identity and belonging, preoccupied with the new and exciting adult realm of sex and relationships Greta’s approaching fifteenth birthday is the catalyst for confronting the spectre of adulthood with her new-found earnest friend Elliot (Harrison Feldman) enthusing that it will “herald the dawn of a new era”.

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Performing for the first time at the beautiful Nathan Homestead, NZTrio brings a light-hearted and joyful programme that smashes preconceptions of classical music being stuffy and intimidating. - Franz Schubert (Austria): Piano Trio No 1 in B-flat, op.

New Zealand’s foremost piano trio captivates audiences from all walks of life, injecting this versatile musical genre with their trademark sense of vitality and passion.

The trio will perform an eclectic 60 minute programme that explores syncopated rhythms, swirling melodies, and sparkling elegance from an international array of master composers, including New Zealand’s own bright young spark – Claire Cowan The programme includes: - Beethoven: Piano Trio in E-flat Major, op.

I think you'd probably want the dots to be a little less dense.

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