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Ur sense of worth and oda stuffs relating to Your inner pysche. Note its ur dilivery dat matters..u may or may not use d same exact words.u can frame it arnd to sth dat suits you. This line works cos an inherent excuse is already embedded in it. Girls don't decide weda dey wana like a guy or not. If u like buy am shawarma tire.she no feel go like U. ma guy almost swore with his life dat she was single,buh she still said she wasn't ... Do u see ur sef as ugly, tall, short, etc.if u r aving a limiting belief..u need to fix dat first. Attract -- this is d part where u ease her and make her relax using different methods. Note u don't av to use d exact wordings..if u want to.. So my advice for u is dis...reduce ur rate of emotional investment.make her do some work. She is only teling u she has a bf..herself.u don't think she is cheap or easy. The quicker u grrab it..d better.#Attraction is not Logical.

Things got cool, made her laugh a lot n stuff, we hung out a couple times at her place tho.

Building attraction in women is all about the right things while avoiding the wrong.

Depending on what you do on a date she can either fall in love with you in moments or pick up a phone call from a friend bailing her out. Stop saying just kidding after telling a joke that is a little insulting You were doing great by insulting her and keeping it funny but you blew it the second just kidding came out of your mouth.

Success is easier than you think—and you don’t have to be a player to score a girl’s digits. The truth is, it’s not about delivering a killer line or perfecting a suave smile that makes the girl weak in the knees.

Confidence is key When approaching a woman, confidence is essential.

Instead of over-thinking what you’re going to say or how she’s going to react, your focus should be on embodying your most confident self.

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