Gridview rowupdating e newvalues null


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I want to update a table based upon when the values in the gridview are edited. New Values to get the new values but the values are all null.(Even though the new numbers have been updated). Old Values, the original values are there as they come across from the stored procedure. with this code: Dynamic Gridview with dynamic controls Hi, I’m trying to insert some dynamic linkbutton inside the rows of a gridview. After the user chooses the value in the dropdown, with any subsequent postbacks, all the dynamic controls disappear.If you don't use one of the Data Source controls, you are required to handle the Row Updating event. I confirmed this using Reflector: protected virtual void On Row Updating(Grid View Update Event Args e) { bool flag1 = base. Text); and if the text fields for first Name or sur Name are left blank, m Hmmm Let me explain further When The user clicks on EDIT of a row in gridview they have the ability to add/change/remove some text in some of the columns for that row.If I know programatically this value is null than I can handle the error and do something. I have a gridview Rowupdate and need to check the OLDVALUES(x) exists or is NULL Some of the data in my rows are NULL and this causes the rowupdate method to fail with error. Future search for that row is excluded because the SQL searches are looking for data match or "LIKE" match with wildcard char '%'. Number 2 would be the better options so I can leve the blank col as null or blanks without added and space char to dummy the data.

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