Frith postcard dating

It is also possible to buy modern reprints from the old plates/negatives.

No 49745A [q.v] The book Francis Frith's Hertfordshire contains many dated photographs - and in many cases the pictures will have been issued as postcards.

In 2002, new titles to this series were being added at the rate of 100 per year, with about 150 photos in each.

The Francis Frith web site currently Francis Frith had been working with a small team of photographers.

Reflections of a Bygone Age - Another site with a wealth of information on postcard collecting. Francis Frith - postcard publisher since the 1860s.

They have an online shop selling books and prints of old postcards.

A change in the British Post Office's rules permitted privately produced postcards to be posted from 1894 onward. The original content for this article was contributed by The National Institute for Genealogical Studies in June 2012.It is an excerpt from their course English: Education, Health and Contemporary Documents by Dr. The Institute offers over 200 comprehensive genealogy courses for a fee ($).The following list of numbers, gleaned from would appear to be the plate numbers, and hence refer to the date the photograph was taken, rather than the publication year. Hitchin, Walsworth Road - No 46640 - used 1916 [advertised on e Bay] Hitchin, Hermitage Road - F. Rather than they stay locked away in a cupboard, I wanted to share these with you. The postcard above shows a couple of men standing at the door of 'The White Horse', whilst the 'rag and bone man takes some time out to rest, along with his trusted companion.

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