Andy and solbi dating for real


Solbi had been trained by songwriter Kim Se-jin for more than 2 years.

A total of 18 tracks make up Typhoon’s first album, which was released in 2006.

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Solbi said: "I didn't want to give him directly therefore i prepared his favorite eel rice and an event." At the same time preparing to present the ring when the lights were turned off.

ANDY AND SOLBI CHRONOLOGY OF EVENTS: 14th March - I believe this was their first ever meeting (plus and minus a day).

During the recording, it was said that the day was the ‘White Day’ where guys should be giving out present for girls in return for ‘Valentine’s Day’. They moved in and ’spend the night’ at their new house with Solbi making him a breakfast the next day while asking for his schedule. The footage from this recording was shown in both episode 1 and 2.

16th March - Episode 1 of ‘We Got Married’ was aired.

23rd March - Even though glee22 think that the recording took place on the 28th, I will go with 23rd March because during their kimchi making sesion, Solbi switched on the TV and episode 2 of ‘We Got Married’ was aired.

they support each other even outside wgm and amazingly wear their wedding rings as to show commitment (unless of course told by their profession not to do it).

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