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John Rampton is an entrepreneur, an investor, an online marketing guru, and a startup enthusiast. Best known as an entrepreneur and a connector, Rampton was recently ranked No.

2 in The Arab world is heating up with new job opportunities and economic growth fueled by the area's growing legion of powerful businessmen.

Western nations are not excluded from this scourge.

Comedians are given broad latitude to push the envelope for the sake of humor.

Aired 6-7p ET • Dems Call for Review of Kushner's Security Clearance; Trump Honors America's Fallen as Russia Controversy Grows; Germany: Trump's Actions Put Europe's Peace 'At Risk'; Two Killed, One Hurt Defending Women from Anti-Muslim Ran; Interview with Rep. Aired 5-6p ET • Interview With Indiana Congressman Andre Carson; Anti-Muslim White Supremacist Kills Two in Portland; Trump Transition Sought Secret Communications With Russia?

Half of China's public believes that military conflict between China and the United States will occur within the next 10 years. Celebrate the people who gave their life to defend our nation, and counter the trend of building "men without chests" (to quote C. The current wave of Russophobia sweeping Washington and the halls of power in the Leftist, corrupt media is not about Russia. Democrats had no problem cozying up the Kremlin in the past. The crisis in Russian-American relations we are witnessing has reached a boiling point.

She was born in Somalia, brought up in Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia and Kenya, only to seek asylum in the Netherlands and later migrate to America.

Along the way, a devout and submissive Muslim girl turned into an author, campaigner for women’s rights and fierce defender of Western values. More important, she is arguably the most visible and effective critic of Islam on the planet.

Arab quoted a report by Elance-o Desk that found UAE companies achieved the fifth highest spend across the world in terms of recruiting talent online during 2014 and delivered a 15% increase in registered companies on the talent sourcing website.

Of the money spent, 74% was in search of technology talent to help expand the world focus on all types of technology.

In the US, where she lives with her husband, the outspoken Scottish historian Niall Ferguson, she has just published her latest tirade against her one-time faith, Heretic: Why Islam Needs a Reformation Now.

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